ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume I-4
20 Jul 2012
 | 20 Jul 2012


X. Guo, B. Zhang, J. Yu, H. Ran, and L. Wang

Keywords: DLGM, DLG, WebGIS, Map Symbol, SVG, Visualization

Abstract. WebGIS is an important research field in GIS. W3C organization established SVG standard, which laid a foundation for WebGIS based on vector data. In China, Digital Line Graphs(DLG) is a significant GIS product and it has been used in many medium and large WebGIS system. Geographic information-portrayal is the common method of DLG visualization. However, the inherent characteristics of Geographic information-portrayal may lead to a relatively higher data production input, still, the visualization effect is not ideal. We put forward a new product named Digital Line Graphs and Map(DLGM), which consists of DLG and DLG's cartographic presentation data. It provides visualization data based on the cartographic standards. Due to the manufacture and management of DLGM data that are independent from software and platform, its data can be used in many fields. Network application is one of them. This paper is to use DLGM in the network applications. First it reveals the connotation and characteristics of DLGM then analyses the model that DLGM organizes, manages DLG and map symbol data. After that, combined with SVG standards, we put forward DLGM’s SVG encoding method without any information loss. Finally we provide a web map system based on local area network by using 1:10000 DLGM data of a certain area. Based on this study, we conclude that DLGM can be used in the network environment providing high quality DLG and cartographic data for WebGIS.