ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume II-2
11 Nov 2014
 | 11 Nov 2014

RoadPlex: A Mobile VGI Game to Collect and Validate Data for POIs

A. Kashian, A. Rajabifard, and K. F. Richter

Keywords: VGI, Points of Interest, Gamification, Games with purpose, RoadPlex

Abstract. By increasing the popularity of smart phones equipped with GPS sensors, more volunteers are expected to join VGI (Volunteered Geographic Information) activities and therefore more positional data will be collected in shorter time. Current statistics from open databases such OpenStreetMap reveals that although there have been exponential growth in the number of contributed POIs (Points of Interest), the lack of detailed attribute information is immediately visible. The process of adding attribute information to VGI databases is usually considered as a boring task and it is believed that contributors do not experience a similar level of satisfaction when they add such detailed information compared to tasks like adding new roads or copying building boundaries from satellite imageries.

In other crowdsourcing projects, different approaches are taken for engaging contributors in problem solving by embedding the tasks inside a game. In the literature, this concept is known as "gamification" or "games with purpose" which encapsulate the idea of entertaining contributors while they are completing a particular defined task. Same concept is used to design a mobile application called “RoadPlex” which aims to collect general or specific attribute information for POIs

The increased number of contributions in the past few months confirms that the design characteristics and the methodology of the game are appealing to players. Such growth enables us to evaluate the quality of the generated data through mining the database of answered questions. This paper reflects the some contribution results and emphasises the importance of using gamification concept in the domain of VGI.