ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume II-3
07 Aug 2014
 | 07 Aug 2014

Calibration and accuracy analysis of a focused plenoptic camera

N. Zeller, F. Quint, and U. Stilla

Keywords: Accuracy, calibration, depth map, imaging model, plenoptic camera, Raytrix, virtual depth

Abstract. In this article we introduce new methods for the calibration of depth images from focused plenoptic cameras and validate the results. We start with a brief description of the concept of a focused plenoptic camera and how from the recorded raw image a depth map can be estimated. For this camera, an analytical expression of the depth accuracy is derived for the first time. In the main part of the paper, methods to calibrate a focused plenoptic camera are developed and evaluated. The optical imaging process is calibrated by using a method which is already known from the calibration of traditional cameras. For the calibration of the depth map two new model based methods, which make use of the projection concept of the camera are developed. These new methods are compared to a common curve fitting approach, which is based on Taylor-series-approximation. Both model based methods show significant advantages compared to the curve fitting method. They need less reference points for calibration than the curve fitting method and moreover, supply a function which is valid in excess of the range of calibration. In addition the depth map accuracy of the plenoptic camera was experimentally investigated for different focal lengths of the main lens and is compared to the analytical evaluation.