ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume III-1
02 Jun 2016
 | 02 Jun 2016

Accuracy Validation of Large-scale Block Adjustment without Control of ZY3 Images over China

Bo Yang

Keywords: ZY3, Block adjustment , Without control, RPC, Virtual control point, Geometric accuracy

Abstract. Mapping from optical satellite images without ground control is one of the goals of photogrammetry. Using 8802 three linear array stereo images (a total of 26406 images) of ZY3 over China, we propose a large-scale and non-control block adjustment method of optical satellite images based on the RPC model, in which a single image is regarded as an adjustment unit to be organized. To overcome the block distortion caused by unstable adjustment without ground control and the excessive accumulation of errors, we use virtual control points created by the initial RPC model of the images as the weighted observations and add them into the adjustment model to refine the adjustment. We use 8000 uniformly distributed high precision check points to evaluate the geometric accuracy of the DOM (Digital Ortho Model) and DSM (Digital Surface Model) production, for which the standard deviations of plane and elevation are 3.6 m and 4.2 m respectively. The geometric accuracy is consistent across the whole block and the mosaic accuracy of neighboring DOM is within a pixel, thus, the seamless mosaic could take place. This method achieves the goal of an accuracy of mapping without ground control better than 5 m for the whole China from ZY3 satellite images.