ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume IV-2/W4
12 Sep 2017
 | 12 Sep 2017


J. Kern, M. Weinmann, and S. Wursthorn

Keywords: Thematic mapping and monitoring, 3D, Augmented Reality, sensor and system calibration, projector-camera

Abstract. After scanning or reconstructing the geometry of objects, we need to inspect the result of our work. Are there any parts missing? Is every detail covered in the desired quality? We typically do this by looking at the resulting point clouds or meshes of our objects on-screen. What, if we could see the information directly visualized on the object itself? Augmented reality is the generic term for bringing virtual information into our real environment. In our paper, we show how we can project any 3D information like thematic visualizations or specific monitoring information with reference to our object onto the object’s surface itself, thus augmenting it with additional information. For small objects that could for instance be scanned in a laboratory, we propose a low-cost method involving a projector-camera system to solve this task. The user only needs a calibration board with coded fiducial markers to calibrate the system and to estimate the projector’s pose later on for projecting textures with information onto the object’s surface. Changes within the projected 3D information or of the projector’s pose will be applied in real-time. Our results clearly reveal that such a simple setup will deliver a good quality of the augmented information.