ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Volume IV-4/W4, 2017 – Keyword index

Volume IV-4/W4, 2017 – Keyword index


AHP Accuracy Assessment Acid mine drainage/lake Adaptive weighted distances algorithm Air Quality Air Quliaty Index Air pollution Alternative tourism types Apache Hadoop Apricot Arial images Artificial Neural Networks Augmented Reality and Unity 3D game engine


CORINE Database CORS-TR (TUSAGA-Aktif) Cardiovascular Disease Catchment Citizen science CityGML Civil buildings Classification Condominium Ownership Condominium Unit Conflation Conflict Resolution Control Points Convolutional Neural Network Cost/Benefit analysis Cultural heritage Curve fitting Customary coal mine


DEM DSM Data Driven Data Infrastructure & Integration Decision Support System Deep Learning Deforestation Degradation of buildings Dem Digital Elevation Model Distributed Feature Extraction Documentation data mining drones


Facility Management Fault Type Flood inundation Floods Simulation Forest Fire Risk Forest Transportation Forest fire risk Forestry Fractional Snow Cover Mapping Fuel Load Potential Fuzzy Logic fScore Statistics


GIS GNSS GOKTURK-2 GPS Game Theory General Health Generalization Geo-HecRAS Geographic Information System Geographical Information Systems Geoinformatics. Supervised classification Geological map Google Maps Green Space Types Ground Penetrating Radar Ground-Truth GÖKTÜRK-2 generalization geolocation


LADM LANDSAT LANDSAT-8 LIDAR Lake Environment Land Land Degradation and Rehabilitation Land Share Land Use/ Land Cover Land use Land use/Land cover Landsat 7 ETM+ Landsat ETM+ Laser Scanner Laser scanner LiDAR LoDs Localization Location based Web Services land use capability logistics


MNF MODIS MRDB Malatya Map/Reduce MapWindow ActiveX Components Matching Control Points Maximum Likelihood Classification Microtremor Minimum Spanning Forest Mirrored Camera Mirrorless Camera Mobile Applications Mobile Device Mobile Laser Model Efficiency Modelling hydraulics Monitoring Multi Decision Criteria Multi-criteria decision Multilayer Perceptron metal pollution mine waste multispectral imagery


PM10 Participant Participatory GIS Photogrammetry Physical Activity Point Based Classification Point Cloud Power line extraction Protected areas pansharpening parcel delivery point cloud data power line reconstruction pylon detection


SLAM SLIC SPOT 7 Safranbolu Satellite imagery Sazlidere Basin Segmentation map Semantic Segmentation Sensitivity Zones Sensor Sentinel-2 SfM Shoreline Extraction Sinkhole Susceptibility Sinkholes Site Suitability Space Weather Condition Spatial Data Mining Spatial Data and Model Quality Spatial Database Spatial social media mining Spatiotemporal change Spectral-spatial classification Structure from Motion Structure from motion Subspace extraction Support Vector Machine Support Vector Machines Support Vector Regression Survey separate parts of real property shoreline extraction shoreline simplification social important locations mining
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