ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume IV-5/W2
05 Dec 2019
 | 05 Dec 2019


D. K. Meena, R. Tripathi, and S. Agrawal

Keywords: Multi-parameter decision analysis, Optimal path, Geographic Information System (GIS), Spatial

Abstract. Using the Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, transportation and network analysis has become a straightforward application. An underlying problem in transportation and network analysis is to find optimal paths between different locations from sources to destination on a network. Sometimes this optimal path between source to destination has to be done in real-time. Several optimal path algorithms have been proposed by the researchers based on single parameter problem. In this paper, a multi-parameters based optimal path solution is proposed using GIS software for the travelling of children to schools. For these rural schools of Bara tehsil of Prayagraj district in India is selected. Three different parameters are taken to find the optimal path which is population density-based, travelling distance-based and travelling time-based optimal path. The developed optimum path is the least cost and satisfied by the other technical, environmental, economic and social criteria. This paper provides a solution if the government need to apply any policy that needs to visit each school. This paper will help the government in land management. On the basis of this paper, government can find schools which are not connected with road and can plan a new road to connect each school by road.