ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume V-3-2020
03 Aug 2020
 | 03 Aug 2020


X. Yang, F. Li, M. Lu, L. Xin, X. Lu, and N. Zhang

Keywords: Video Satellite, Moving Target, ViBe Algorithm, Tracking Correction Detection, High-Order Correlation Vector

Abstract. It is the focus of current research that how to realize high precision and real-time dynamic monitoring and tracking of moving targets by video satellites because of instantaneous and dynamic continuous observation of targets in a certain area by the video satellites. The existing detection and tracking methods for moving objects have target misdetection and missed detection, which reduces the accuracy of moving object detection. In this paper, a Tracking Correction Detection Correction (TCD) method is proposed to solve these problems. Firstly, the background model is established by using the improved ViBe target detection algorithm, and the moving target mask is obtained by adaptive threshold calculation. By using pyramid structure iterative algorithm, the moving object can be classified as noise or real object according to the set of detection results of different detection windows. The high-order correlation vector tracking method is used to modify the detection result of the moving target acquired in the previous frame, and finally the accurate detection result of the moving target is obtained. The comparison analysis between the frame difference (FD) method, GMM method, ViBe method and TCD method shows that the TCD method has better robustness for noise, light and background dynamic changes, and the test results of TCD method are more complete and the real-time is better. It is proved by this work that the accuracy of the target detection of TCD method has reached 85%, which has a high engineering application value.