ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
Publications Copernicus
Articles | Volume VIII-4/W2-2021
07 Oct 2021
 | 07 Oct 2021


M. El Mekawy, M. Issa, and E. Perjons

Keywords: BIM, GIS, BIM-GIS Integration, RTPS, UBM, Traffic Safety, GCITY

Abstract. This paper reports on the results and further extensions of a concept project that was financially supported by VINNOVA (Sweden’s innovation agency). The project aims, by integrating BIM and GIS, to support traffic safety and contribute towards decreasing the probability of car accidents in general and car-bicycle in more specific. The main objective of the project was to investigate different technologies that support the out- and indoor navigation of moving objects on building and geospatial city models based on BIM and GIS, and to present real life objects which help traffic users in taking better decisions. The concept study had a consortium of six partners (academic and industrial). The project resulted in a proposed solution to be implemented in the ongoing extension of the same project. The proposed solution is argued to be comprehensive that utilises BIM-GIS integration, their capabilities and Real Time Positioning Services (RTPS) for smart cities’ applications. Beside its scientific impact, it can be strongly argued that the proposed solution has a high potential for social-economic impact in creating the awareness and framework for automotive, light-weight vehicles manufacturers and automotive appliances suppliers to collaborate in facing this type of rising traffic problem. In addition to that, the open-source nature of the project will encourage different industrial parties to participate and re-utilize the project’s deliverables in new methods and ideas.