ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume VIII-M-1-2021
27 Aug 2021
 | 27 Aug 2021


X. Wang, C. Wu, and R. Que

Keywords: HBIM, algorithm rebuild, Grasshopper, architectural heritage, conservation and documentation, digital twin

Abstract. Historic Building Information Modelling is a continuous process based on reverse engineering of built heritage. By reviewing the research on HBIM with the case study, this article analyzes the combination logic between different components, based on which designs an algorithm program for automatic model generation, and proposes a regularized rebuild workflow to realize the informatization and parameterized documentation of built heritage. This article proposes the parametric workflow based on Rhino + Grasshopper + Revit / OpenBuildings Designer, establishes the information index framework under the guidance of the HBIM model, and proposes the key technologies of informatization and parameterization of architectural heritage protection records. With reference to the point cloud, mapping map, survey photos, and documents, the regularized rebuild is carried out, and all the parameter nodes are visualized to facilitate error correction and modification. The framework of the regularized rebuild workflow is defined, and the problems of packet grouping principle, component combination mode, and output type are solved, and the algorithm principle is described in detail. According to the construction logic, the single building consists of six parts: tile roof, rafter, wooden carpentry, wall, decoration, and foundation. The work of investigation, modeling, and additional professional data are carried out by parts and items to create a "digital twin". This article solves the modeling problem of complex shape and node, and further improves the working method during the survey, and proposes to use an algorithm module to realize real-time association between professional data and model. Taking the grid system, wall brick, balustrade, tile roof, rafter as examples, through compiling and debugging in Grasshopper compiler environment, according to different input parameters, the program automatically outputs the corresponding model and contains professional data, which proves that the program is fast and accurate. The regularized rebuild workflow for HBIM by reference to point cloud is realized.