ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume X-1-2024
09 May 2024
 | 09 May 2024

Building Height Extraction Based on Satellite GF-7 High-Resolution Stereo Image

Zijin Tian and Yan Gong

Keywords: GaoFen-7 Satellite (GF-7), Roof Matching, Rational Function Model, Building Height Estimation

Abstract. High-resolution remote sensing images can distinguish objects of smaller size, so as to more clearly express the texture features and structural information of objects, and provide a data source for the development of large-scale mapping, high-precision stereo measurement and other fields. The purpose of this paper is to complete the height estimation of the buildings by analyzing the stereoscopic observation formed by the front and rear view images of the Gaofen-7 line array CCD. After determining the roof profile of the building on the rear-view image, assuming a series of object elevations of the building, that is, searching for elevations with a certain step distance within a certain elevation search range, adopt the object-based image matching VLL algorithm, Through the RFM imaging model of the Gaofen-7 sensor, the rear-view contour is projected to the front-view image, and then the PSNR is selected as the similarity measure of the window, and the similarity of the image block area corresponding to the front- and rear-view contour is calculated. Corresponds to the hypothetical object elevation as the estimated height of the building. Under the technical route of this paper, the height of buildings on high-resolution images can be estimated to a level within 3 meters of accuracy.