ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume X-1/W1-2023
05 Dec 2023
 | 05 Dec 2023


Harshit, K. Jain, S. Zlatanova, and D. Halder

Keywords: Photogrammetry, Point cloud, 3D reconstruction, segmentation, LiDAR modelling

Abstract. Data capturing through either Lidar or photogrammetry, often results in incomplete and partial information related to a surface due to occlusion or inaccessibility of the clear object vision. In case of asymmetrical objects yet the reconstruction is unattainable by any means, meanwhile the approach for the development of the missing information could be done in cases of symmetrical objects. In this paper we have advised a semi-automatic approach for recreating missing or incomplete information from the partially captured data using space sub-division and 3D transformation. The study has been done on a 175 year-old building whose scanned information is available for only one side and captures a façade with four columns. The idea is to first extract the symmetrical parts through segmentation of different building parts. Then the columns with partial information have been oriented as per a reference plane based on the pose and centre computed from the horizontal parts. The instance is then used to fill in the lost information through duplication and transformation. This approach can be used to recreate structures with symmetrical elements, which are partially destroyed from withering, disaster, or any human intervention.