ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume X-1/W1-2023
05 Dec 2023
 | 05 Dec 2023


T. Liang, C. Jing, F. Zhuo, Y. Feng, H. Zhang, and Y. Fu

Keywords: Space Units, Dynamic Partitioning, Urban Functional Regions, Interactive Operation, City Analysis Systems

Abstract. As the spatial structure of cities becomes increasingly complex and sustainable development goals are promoted, society places higher demands on the management and planning of cities. As the basic unit of urban analysis, the combination pattern and scale shape of urban spatial units are crucial for rational management and planning of cities. However, existing urban analysis management systems often adopt a prefabricated fixed cell division method, which is difficult to meet the needs of high precision and multi-scale analysis of urban information. Therefore, this paper proposes an interactive dynamic partitioning technology, and designs a multi-scale dynamic partitioning system for urban spatial units (SUPS), in order to meet the diverse needs of urban management and planning. The system consists of a data management module, a spatial unit module, an integration module and a visualization module. The system not only realises the multi-scale dynamic partitioning of spatial units in the form of interactive operation, but also obtains more detailed identification results by applying the multi-scale spatial units to the identification of urban functional areas, verifying the effectiveness and feasibility of the interactive multi-scale dynamic partitioning of spatial units, and providing a new technical support for fine urban management.