ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume II-5/W2
16 Oct 2013
 | 16 Oct 2013

Analysis of correlation between full-waveform metrics, scan geometry and land-cover: an application over forests

F. Pirotti, A. Guarnieri, and A. Vettore

Keywords: Full Waveform metrics, vegetation, land-cover, metrics, forestry

Abstract. For a correct use of metrics derived from processing of the full-waveform return signal from airborne laser scanner sensors any correlation which is not related to properties of the reflecting target must be known and, if possible, removed. In the following article we report on an analysis of correlation between several metrics extracted from the full-waveform return signal and scan characteristics (mainly range) and type of land-cover (urban, grasslands, forests). The metrics taken in consideration are the amplitude, normalized amplitude, width (full width at half maximum), asymmetry indicators, left and right energy content, and the cross-section calculated from width and normalized amplitude considering the range effect. The results show that scan geometry in this case does not have a significant impact scans over forest cover, except for range affecting amplitude and width distribution. Over complex targets such as vegetation canopy, other factors such as incidence angle have little meaning, therefore corrections of range effect are the most meaningful. A strong correlation with the type of land-cover is also shown by the distribution of the values of the metrics in the different areas taken in consideration.