ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume II-5
28 May 2014
 | 28 May 2014

Inheriting texture maps between different complexity 3D meshes

A. Symeonidis, A. Koutsoudis, G. Ioannakis, and C. Chamzas

Keywords: Texture transfer, inverse texture map projection, texture registration

Abstract. 3D digitisation has been applied in different application domains. Due to the continuous growing interest, commercial and experimental 3D acquisition systems have evolved. Nevertheless, there isn't an all-in-one solution, thus there is a need for combining different technologies in order to exploit the advantages of each approach. In this paper, we present a solution to a specific problem related to the combination of 3D data resulted from a non-colour laser triangulation scanner and a shape-fromsilhouette system. Our approach combines the data of these two 3D acquisition systems in order to produce a hybrid 3D mesh model with the geometric accuracy and detail captured by the laser scanner and the high resolution textural information of the shape-fromsilhouette system. We propose an algorithm that is based on virtual photo shooting and an inverse texture map projection phase. We present an example of our algorithm’s operation on exchanging the texture maps of a replica artefact which has been digitised by both systems.