ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume II-8
27 Nov 2014
 | 27 Nov 2014

Soil Moisture Model with Multi Angle and Multi Polarisation Risat-1 Data

S. S. Rao, D. K. Sahadevan, M. R. Wadodkar, M. S. S. Nagaraju, S. Chattaraj, W. Joseph, P. Rajankar, T. Sengupta, M. V. Venugopalan, S. N. Das, A. K. Joshi, J. R. Sharma, and E. Amminedu

Keywords: Soil Moisture, RISAT-1, Multi-Polarisation, Multi-Angle, Dielectric Constant, Backscatter, RISAT Utilisation Programme

Abstract. Multi dimensional data (multi frequency, incident angle and polarisation) measurements of σ0 provided better estimates of soil moisture over those derived from single. This particular paper explains a new methodology for soil moisture estimation with the use of multi angle and multi polarisation RISAT-1 data. The roughness component was derived by correlating root mean square height with the differences of cross polarisation and like polarisation backscatter values (σ HV - σ HH) and differences of low and high incidence backscatter values (σ HH high (θ) - σ HH Low). The derived roughness was inputted to the modified dubois model (MDM). The results show both the σ HV - σ HH & σ HH high (θ) - σ HH Low are sensitive to roughness. The derived soil moisture using the MDM model is shows reasonable correlation with ground soil moisture.