ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
Publications Copernicus
Articles | Volume IV-2/W5
29 May 2019
 | 29 May 2019


A. Martini, P. V. Kuper, and M. Breunig

Keywords: OpenStreetMap, Volunteered Geographic Information, spatial database, temporal OSM data, data quality

Abstract. A significant advantage of OpenStreetMap data is its up-to-dateness. However, for rural and city planning, it is also of importance to access historical data and to compare the changes between new and old versions of the same area. This paper first introduces into a differentiated classification of changes on OpenStreetMap data sets. Then a methodology for an automated database-supported analysis of changes is presented. Beyond the information already provided from the OpenStreetMap server, we present a more detailed analysis with derived information. Based on this approach it is possible to identify objects with attributive or geometric changes and to find out how they exactly differ from their previous versions. The analysis shows in which regions mappers were active during a certain time interval. Furthermore, a time based approach based on various parameters to determine the quality of the data is presented. It provides a guideline of data quality and works without any reference data. Therefore, an indication about the development of OpenStreetMap in terms of completeness and correctness of the data in different regions is given. Finally, a conclusion and an outlook on open research questions are presented.