ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume IV-5
15 Nov 2018
 | 15 Nov 2018

Utilizing GRACE and GLDAS data for estimating groundwater storage variability over the Krishna Basin

A. S. Nair and J. Indu

Keywords: GRACE, Mascon, groundwater, precipitation, entropy, evapotranspiration

Abstract. Groundwater is utilized intensively as a source of fresh water for irrigation and human needs. Hence, it is necessary to monitor groundwater storage for water security of the region in the future. The present study aims to evaluate the groundwater resource over the Krishna basin in South India. The basin comprises of 210 major and medium irrigation projects, which makes it important to evaluate the groundwater balance for a sustainable groundwater draft. This study evaluates the trend in groundwater anomaly derived from GRACE mascon product. Results indicate that the Krishna basin is subjected to a strong decline in groundwater at a rate of 0.34 cm per year. Further, the study explores the seasonality of precipitation and its effect on groundwater by adopting an entropy-based approach. Results indicate the combined effect of delay in precipitation to attain peak and reduced duration of the wet season as a primary reason for the decline in the groundwater storage. The result shows that the reduction in groundwater storage affects the evapotranspiration over the region.