ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
Publications Copernicus
Articles | Volume VIII-M-1-2021
27 Aug 2021
 | 27 Aug 2021


F. F. Wang and J. Du

Keywords: Digital Twin, New Cultural Creation, Media Convergence, Value Communication, Reshaping of Communication Ecology

Abstract. In the post-pandemic era, coronaviruses will forge a long-term coexistence with humanity, and the fight against the pandemic will become the normal. With international social isolation and limited physical space for communication during the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital communication of cultural heritage based on internet technology has not only proven the importance and necessity of cultural heritage digitalization, but will also greatly accelerate the digital transformation that has already begun. In the post-pandemic era, the accumulation of rich digital data on cultural heritage will form the basis for further cultural communication. However, the collection of digital data is not the final link in this digital chain. Effectively leveraging the advantages of the digital technology – which spreads rapidly and has a broad audience as well as vivid information presentation – to integrate and digitally process the existing and emerging cultural heritage data will continuously combine the cultural heritage with new communication technologies. We should use diversified media platforms to achieve further breakthroughs in the communication model, present the digital communication content of the cultural heritage showing the characteristics of the times, and form real and virtual interaction of cultural heritage in a converged media environment, in order to further ease interpersonal isolation and even space-time constraints brought about by the pandemic, reconstruct the communication ecology of cultural heritage, and inherit and utilize the precious wealth left to humanity by history.