ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume X-1-2024
09 May 2024
 | 09 May 2024

A Weakly Supervised Vehicle Detection Method from LiDAR Point Clouds

Yiyuan Li, Yuhang Lu, Xun Huang, Siqi Shen, Cheng Wang, and Chenglu Wen

Keywords: LiDAR, Object Detection, Weakly Supervised Learning

Abstract. Training LiDAR point clouds object detectors requires a significant amount of annotated data, which is time-consuming and effort-demanding. Although weakly supervised 3D LiDAR-based methods have been proposed to reduce the annotation cost, their performance could be further improved. In this work, we propose a weakly supervised LiDAR-based point clouds vehicle detector that does not require any labels for the proposal generation stage and needs only a few labels for the refinement stage. It comprises two primary modules. The first is an unsupervised proposal generation module based on the geometry of point clouds. The second is the pseudo-label refinement module. We validate our method on two point clouds based object detection datasets, namely KITTI and ONCE, and compare it with various existing weakly supervised point clouds object detection methods. The experimental results demonstrate the method’s effectiveness with a small amount of labeled LiDAR point clouds.