ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume X-4/W2-2022
14 Oct 2022
 | 14 Oct 2022


Y. Xie, B. Atazadeh, A. Rajabifard, and H. Olfat

Keywords: BIM, Legal Boundaries, 3D Cadastre, Ownership Spaces

Abstract. A 2D land administration system is insufficient for managing private properties and common property areas in a multi-story structure. Building information modelling (BIM) can be used to provide a clearer representation and more efficient management of the rights, restrictions, and responsibilities (RRR) inside buildings and address the challenges of 2D representations. However, a land surveyor should still draw the legal boundaries and group ownership spaces manually inside 3D BIM authoring tools. This research aims to provide an automatic approach to define three different types of legal boundaries and group the common properties and private properties within a building. This work contributes to the use and development of BIM by providing an automatic technique to creating property ownership, allowing for easier search and retrieval of 3D property information. More significantly, it can potentially minimize the time and cost of creating BIM-based 3D cadastral data for complex multi-story structures and improve the efficiency in urban land administration.